Tooth Whitening

Some patients look in the mirror and see a smile that is nicely aligned and healthy. But, smoking, drinking coffee, or consuming other staining foods can leave teeth discolored. If this describes you, tooth whitening is your solution. For tooth whitening contact us today.

  • In-office ZOOM!
  • The ZOOM! whitening system is a treatment that you can receive in a single visit. ZOOM! treatments involve the use of a specialized, prescription-strength gel. Under the supervision of Drs. Garland and Johnson, the gel will be applied to your teeth using a special tray (similar to a mouth guard). Then, a proprietary light source activates the gel. In just one visit, you walk out with a bright, youthful smile.
  • At-home
  • You may also elect an at-home whitening treatment. The at-home whitening system includes a custom-fitted tray and prescription whitening gel. Your doctors will give you detailed instructions about how to use the system. You can expect the at-home process to take between two and four weeks, leaving you with a bright, beautiful smile.