Payment Options & Insurance

Q: I want and need a lot of dental work, but I’m afraid I can’t afford it. Do you offer monthly payment plans?

A:  Yes, we do offer monthly payment plans through our financial partners, Lending Club and CareCredit. We provide a variety of ways for you to pay for your treatment so that it fits comfortably into your personal or family financial goals. Our team works with you to create the solution that accommodates you so that you can have the beautiful, healthy smile you have always desired.

Q: I want cosmetic dentistry. Does my insurance pay for it?

A:  Dental insurance is designed to assist you in paying for your dentistry. Most procedures are not fully covered by your insurance, and cosmetic dentistry, in particular, is not covered by most dental insurance plans. To help you afford your smile, we offer a variety of payment options, in addition to a monthly payment plan provided by Lending Club and a healthcare credit card through CareCredit. We also pay special attention to maximizing the benefits that your insurance does provide. Ask our office team how you can comfortably afford your dentistry and maximize your dental insurance benefits.

Q: What different payment options do you provide?

A:  Helping to make your dental care financially comfortable and affordable is important, and we proudly offer a variety of options, including:

  • Cash or personal checks
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express credit cards
  • 3-, 6-, 12-, or 18-month, no-interest payment plans, as well as low-interest and extended payment plans through Lending Club and CareCredit

We are happy to estimate fees and insurance reimbursement before you begin your recommended treatments and will gladly file insurance forms for you.

Optimal, comprehensive dentistry is what we practice, and we do not base our treatment on what insurance will or will not pay. We base our treatment on what is best for you, and any treatment not paid by insurance is your financial responsibility.

Visit our Afford Your Care page for more information on the best payment plan for you and your family.

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